A winning smile is our visiting card. It’s the expression of an interior well-being and esthetic harmony. Age, dental decay, illness or accident can be the cause of losing one or more teeth. This is not only esthetically damaging but also directly influences our eating habits and consequently our general health... Read more

What is a Dental Implant

An implant is a small Titanium screw which is inserted in the bone and substitutes the root of the tooth.

Within a short time after the operation, the screw integrates with the bone to which it strongly welds, adequately substituting the natural root. Above the implant, an artificial crown is applied, which is the visible part of the new tooth.

It is a lasting solution, and safeguards both oral and general health. Frequently, options are available to meet personal requirements and possibilities... Read more

Implant Quality


Implants last a life-time and to give the patient absolute reliability, they are endorsed with the results of thorough Scientific Research developed with the collaboration of specific Research Centers. Read more

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