Our Company


BIOSAFIN is an all-Italian company that designs, manufactures, and sells the WINSIX Implant System, implantology devices and instruments.

We also produce BIALIGNER he fast and invisible next-generation dental aligner.

Our scientific vocation allows us to create high-performance devices that solve even the most complex cases. WINSIX implants are widely used in Italy and worldwide.

  • WINSIX has over 25 years of experience in clinical and scientific research
  • It’s a registered trademark in 58 countries worldwide.
  • It has CE and FDA certifications that confirm its effectiveness and reliability.
  • WINSIX implants come with a DENTAL IMPLANT CARD, which your dentist will give you after the procedure. This document certifies the quality of the implants and ensures their traceability by stating the production batch. This way other dentists can identify them in case of problems anywhere you are in the world.

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001

Certification UNI CEI EN ISO

A reliable and competent team

Biologists, engineers, and dentists with proven track records take part in the development and production of our WINSIX implants.

A team whose work is based on scientific research, product reliability, professional ethics, and honesty.

How we do it

WINSIX implants are manufactured by BIOSAFIN, a company certified to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, which ensures that its entire production process meets all the quality standards to protect both the users of the products (the dentists) and the end users (the patients). Moreover, the devices we produce are certified to the UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 standard, which relates specifically to the quality of the medical devices.

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001

Certification UNI CEI EN ISO

What materials we use

Our implants are made of pure medical-grade titanium, which is the most bio-inert material in nature. An extremely strong material that allows the implants to withstand any chewing force exerted on them without any problem.

We at BIOSAFIN procure our titanium only from certified and uncontaminated extraction sites.

Implant Card

We develop dental implants that will bring back your smile and will let you enjoy the food you love again.

Whatever your age, having healthy and functional teeth is essential for one’s confidence.

In addition to their chewing function, teeth are important for your aesthetic appearance, especially at a certain age.

And since time is important, when the biological conditions of your mouth allow it, your dentist can perform the dental implant with mini-invasive techniques in a matter of hours.

Made by People for People

The WINSIX Implant System is designed by people for people. That’s why the solutions it offers are effective, reliable, and last over time.

Oral health and a renewed smile are our main priorities. The ideal solution for you!


The success of WINSIX implants lies in their innovative solutions and cutting-edge production technology.


WINSIX is a 100% original Italian implant resulting from our scientific research and experience since 1995.


Thanks to our certifications, the WINSIX Implant System is covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Implants are checked one by one during the production process. Plus our corporate policy with regards to certifications is extremely transparent. You can view them online at any time.


WINSIX CAB for Just-on-4 technique has achieved recognition for its quality and innovation from the FDA, the US food and drug administration.


An increasing number of dentists is using WINSIX implants, which ensure simple and reliable restorations and happy patients.